Hi, I’m Bliss. Welcome to my site.

I’m transgender, a dancer, model and performer, but most of all, an artist. The feminine has always fascinated me; the beautiful, the fun, the desirable, the dramatic, and the forbidden. I’m based in France and London.

My Adventures

All the images on this site are of me, Bliss du Vie, and are the results of my continuing adventures within the expanse of the feminine, what I jokingly call “The Great Queendom of the Feminine”.


Although I sometimes replace the background of my images, I try to remain as true to the original image of me as possible. Where I use someone else’s artwork I make every effort to acknowledge them and pass on royalties, although occasionally the rights and credits of images I have used are difficult to trace.

… and you can buy stuff!

On this site, I share and sell my creative work. So come with me on my adventures to the Great Queendom of the Feminine.